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Original Title: Der Ausreißer
Quality: VHS (remastered)
Date: The films were made during a school project in 1987.
Place: Shot in Solingen (at "Gesamtschule Solingen" school, inner city, other places).
Genre: school drama
Duration: 18:58
Budget: none
Ekkehard Langhammer
Angela Schröder
Iris Nawin
Erol Dogan
Mehmet Kutluksaman
Adrea Haenshem
Nils Hermann
Andreas Eversberg
Stefan Schildmann
Murat Akzu
Ingo Stamm
Carsten Heinrichs
Stefan Klose
Siegline Schmidt
Doris Eggers-Shakoor
POM Harry Schulz
Marcus Arnrich
Ausreißer is a movie about a student at a german school. It is about a girl he is in love with. It is about trouble at school. It is about trouble in love. It is about people helping each other...

All students at a german high school "Gesamtschule Solingen" made an interesting project in 1986. Karl-Reiner Broch, a teacher helped 13 students making a short film. The first day we made up the story. We tried to find a main actor. Ekkehard was the best by far, so we took him. The next 3-4 days we took all the shots which was only about 40 minutes for a 20 minutes movie. The last day we made the final cut and added the soundtrack. Ingo and Christian mixed the audio with music and narrator's voice just by placing a microphone close to a audio tape player. Finally the last weekend all project at school were presented to visitors and parents. We showed the film many times that day.

In spring 2001 Insane-Brain took the old original shots and remastered it with digital video technology. We tried to make it as if we would have had today's technology back in 1987. Here is the result for all old and new students of Gesamtschule Solingen.