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Original Title: Ein Meister fällt vom Himmel
Quality: 8mm color film (not Super-8)
Date: The film says it was 1986 and it was winter. I assume it was beginning of 1986.
Place: Shot in Solingen at arround Unionstraße.
Genre: tragedy
Duration: 9:04
Budget: 100 DM for the 3 packs of 8mm film
key role: Andreas Eversberg
Father: Gerd Eversberg
Mother: Annette Eversberg
boys crashing together: Christian Butz
Michael Kirznik
boy with bike: Tobial Nellessen
falling boy: Patrick Bönnschen
beating boy: Patrick Bönnschen
boy not helping: Carsten Heinrichs
grandma: Alice Eversberg
A movie about a kid's problem at elementary school. This is our first finished movie. Andreas was the key role of that movie. The project was almost completely done by Andreas.

Patrick Bönnschen was about 12 years old at that time and a good friend of Andreas, he was about 13. Our equipment was a 8mm camera capable of stop-motion recording and a Commodore 128 computer for doing the titles. So we could make all the effects in that movie. We used stop motion for the trick scenes at the end of the film when the key role falls into the shark's basin. We used the Commodore 128 for making titles. To make the scene go backwards, we just inserted the film upside down. The problem was the focus. When you insert a film reverse, you also have the photo coating on the wrong side of the strip. If you play this strip you need to adjust the focus. Another advantage of the camera was the tape counter and the rewind handle. We took a scene, e.g "view of the city from a roof" and then rewound the recording time. Then we did a second recording with the guy flying. The effect was quite well exept for the transparent look of the guy.

This movie was one of the most expensive movies we ever made. I spent about 100 DM for 3 packs of film. This is very much for a boy of 13 years back in 1986.