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Original Title: Licht (Version 2)
Quality: VHS
Date: Dec 31 1995
Place: Filmed at my grand parent's house in Solingen and at Carsten's house.
Genre: art
Duration: 5:07
Budget: about 300DM for driving to Solingen and buying some stuff for effects.
Guy on the RED Phone (Driver): Carsten Heinrichs
Guy on the Wireless Phone: Norbert Silva
Kidnapped kid: Andreas Eversberg
Kidnapper: Norbert Silva
All films are just a recording of light (also sound of cause). We tried to take the night light atmosphere of Solingen and put a little story arround it. But the story was not the main part. The main part was light. This is what we got.

We filmed the kidnapper's scene at my grandparents' house. We set up spot lights and removed the entrance door for a better camera view. Of cause it was newyears eve and we ignided some fire crackers. The neighbors thought we were intruders and called the police.