About insane-brain

INSANE-BRAIN is a logo of experimental and short film projects comming out of our brain which are often insane.

This is us, Carsten and Andreas. We came together at elementary school and soon found out that making films is very interesting.

The father of Andreas bought him an 8mm film camera and so we started. The first finished film project was 1986 when both of us were about 13 years old. It was a film about problems at school. It is called "Ein Meister fällt vom Himmel". You can watch it at this homepage if you want. Click here.

Some years later we got a VHS video camera. Lots of experimental and unfinished short films folowed. Andreas started doing digital video cut with a motion jpeg board for the amiga: VLAB-Motion. Lots of films are documentary short films of parties and events we experienced.

Lately we got an XL1 3CCD DV camera and started video cut with a dv board: DV500 Now we have plenty harddisk space, great picture quality and high performance.

You can watch our Trailer at the film library. Click here.