A selection of our short films

Some of our short films are presented here. We do not supply all films because most stuff is not spectacular for others e.g filmed at privat parties.

Name: Ein Meister fällt vom Himmel
Quality: 8mm
Date: Winter 1986
Place: Solingen
Genre: tragedy
Duration: 9:04
Description: A movie about a kid's problems at elementary school. This is one of out first finished projects which we find quite interesting for public audience.

Name: Der Stein, Verfolgungsjagd, Lego der Film
Quality: 8mm
Date: unknown
Place: Solingen
Genre: experimental
Duration: -
Description: 3 Experimental films. We were little kids We experienced making films and stop motion.

Name: Der Ausreißer (remastered version)
Quality: VHS (new cut)
Date: 1997
Place: Solingen
Genre: drama
Duration: 18:58
Description: "Der Ausreisser" = Break Free: This was a school project done in 1987. It was directed by Karl-Rainer Broch. Insane-Brain took the old original shots and remastered it with digital video technology. We tried to make it as if we would have had today's technology back in 1987.

Name: Copy Party #1
Quality: VHS
Date: 1992
Place: Parents' House (Husum)
Genre: documentary
Duration: 6:14
Description: Once we made a small copy party. Nothing spectacular, but I added this only for my friends here, so expect nothing special.

Name: Licht
Quality: VHS
Date: Dec 31 1995
Place: Solingen
Genre: art
Duration: 5:07
Description: "Licht" = Light is a film where we experienced the power of light in a film. We shot at night.

Name: insane-brain trailer #1
Quality: VHS (digitally enhanced)
Date: Summer 1997
Place: Solingen
Genre: trailer
Duration: 0:16
Description: We thoght it would be practically to have our own trailer. This is version 1

Name: Bung-Ka
Quality: DV
Date: January 2001
Place: Stollberg
Genre: documentary
Duration: 3:09
Description: "Bung-Ka" actually means "Bunker" = bunker which means the underground rooms. Check out what we found there.